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Still Life Matters

Horsham Regional Art Gallery May 2021

Inspired by Coorte’s intimate style, a group of contemporary realist artist will create new works to capture the beauty of this classic style while offering their own interpretation to this long-standing tradition.
The initial concept for this exhibition is to challenge today’s artists to create work that capture the essence of Coorte’s oeuvre in their own style.

Artists include: Natasha Bieniek; Susannah Blaxill; Jane Burton; Dianne Emery; Juan Ford; Asuka Hishiki; Sam Leach; Mali Moir; John Pastoriza-Piñol; Darren Wardle; Jud Wimhurst & Michael Zavros

Horsham Regional Art Gallery
80 Wilson Street
Horsham, 3400
03 5382 9575